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Herb Pearce, M. Ed., is an Arlington, Massachusetts based individual, couples and family therapist, with over 35 years experience. A leading expert in the Enneagram, he has led over 2,000 Enneagram experiences for more than 25 years with talks, public workshops, counseling, and team building trainings in corporations and organizations. Herb's trainings, talks and workshops provide a wealth of understanding and clarity regarding personality differences and his presentation style is direct, but gentle and humorous.

Enneagram Basics is a compilation of Herb's knowledge, wisdom and many years of experience using the Enneagram. Learn more and order your copy today.   If you'd like to explore the Enneagram deeper, Enneagram Beyond the Basics describes more subtle levels of Enneagram descriptions beyond the basic nine types.   Herb also wrote Herb's Tips for Living, which is both a printed book and an ebook full of helpful life advice. Learn more and order your copy today.
Enneagram Beyond the Basics   Enneagram Beyond the Basics   Herb's Tips for Living
Caregiver's Enneagram explores how personality differences can be understood and bridged in ways that increase better communication for caregivers. Learn more and order your copy today.   Lessons From the River is a book of lessons learned from whitewater wilderness canoeing, especially canoe camping, mostly on Maine rivers. Itís filled with personal stories, practical advice, hundreds of photographs of canoeing and nature, and tips to make your trips more enjoyable as well as ways to make your daily life fit the lessons learned from the river.    
Caregiver's Enneagram   Lessons From the River  


Read Herb's blog at EnneagramTraining.blogspot.com.

The Enneagram

The star-shaped Enneagram (Ennea is Greek for "nine" and gram for type) is an amazingly accurate system of understanding personality that groups human motivations and patterns of feeling, thought and body experience into nine personality types. Each of us has elements of all nine types, but one is more dominant and automatic and is a stronger perceptual lens. This lens flavors how you see the world uniquely and therefore, to a large degree, how you think, feel, and act automatically. Being in a type is a great strength and gift but also has limits the range of possible ways to experience life.

Herb uses his expertise in the Enneagram to define your core type and explore how it limits your perception and ability to see the world in the strengths of all nine types. Herb can teach you to see the limited reality in your core filter or type and expand to a greater understanding of options that each type provides.

Using the Enneagram will result in:

  • Personal development and improved self-esteem
  • Enhanced communication skills
  • Self acceptance and self confidence
  • Conflict-resolution
  • Improved relationships
  • Increased empathy with more acceptance of personality differences
  • Clarity in understanding one's self and others
  • Utilization of strengths of all nine types